Rules, who needs rules

Captain Ishmael Wong is on a mission. He’s out to find the man who murdered the love of his life. To do that he’ll have to go into the world of thieves and outlaws: Toe Hold Space. It isn’t anything like he expected. The space station and people who operate outside the law are much like the people on the right side of the law.

There are some differences though. Might is right, and there are fiefdoms everywhere. Not everyone tells the truth, including some of his oldest and dearest friends. When he finds some of those friends in danger, he doesn’t give it a second thought. Helping each other is what friends do, even if it could cost him his life.

Nathan Lowell brings another book to the golden age series. There are lots of old faces and many new ones. Like many of his books, it about the journey, not the destination. A fun read for sci fi fans everywhere.

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The mind of a master

Thrawn, legendary tactician of the Empire, had humble beginnings. He was found on a far off planet. This is the story of how he grew into the most feared admiral of the fleet. In a culture as xenophobic as the Empire is portrayed to be, how did this blue skinned, red eyed man become so powerful? At last the story is told. How did he navigate the corridors of power? What military campaigns did he cut his teeth on? What enemies did he make along the way, and what friends helped him? Perhaps most importantly, what were his motives?

Timothy Zahn brings to life one of the Star Wars franchise’s most intriguing villains. It is a wonderfully written tale full of twists and turns. It was fun being inside Thrawn’s head as he navigated each threat and overcame each obstacle.

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It’s a training mission, nothing to worry about

Torin Kerr is a hero, so of course the top brass want to trot her out in front of every civie they can. Gotta keep the public happy. It makes Gunny Kerr miserable. When new tech is used to re-grow Major Svenson, he and his doctor are being sent to a marine training camp. When he offers to make Torin his aid, she jumps at the chance to get away from the monotony.

Something goes wrong. Suddenly, their training mission turns into a desperate battle for survival. Someone has turned all the training sims into deadly reality. Tanks firing live rounds. Artillery firing more than smoke rounds. It will be up to Gunny Kerr and a bunch of raw recruits to keep everyone alive.

Tanya Huff brings the next installment in the Valor’s Choice series. An excellent universe filled with interesting aliens and political intrigue. Each one has their own agenda and quirks. A very engaging story.

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Man vs disease, the final battle

In the battle against the alien virus, there have been many casualties. The alien probe has been destroyed, so the threat is gone, right? The US sends its finest to unearth the probe from Lake Michigan, but they aren’t the only ones. Other countries want the secrets of the alien technology, and will stop at nothing to get it. Enter our team: Margaret Montoya, Clarence Otto, and Tim Feely.

Against their expressed wishes to destroy anything they find, the President has spoken. Recover anything you can. Cooper Mitchell and genius Chinese sleeper spy Steve Stanton have other ideas. They’ll try to steal the alien probes secrets right from under their noses. Unfortunately, they’ve all underestimated the alien probe. It has one final deadly gift for humanity.

Scott Sigler delivers the final episode in the Infected series. If you thought nuking Detroit was the worst that could happen, you’re dead wrong. The alien probe has learned from each failure. Even it death, it will complete its mission. Destroy the human race. In true Sigler fashion, any character you thought was safe is on the chopping block. Our hero’s worst fears are realized, one of them will join the enemy.

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It didn’t die, it evolved

Still reeling from the mysterious disease that nearly wiped everyone out, Margaret Montoya, Dew Phillips, and Perry Dawsey can’t catch a break. They’ve been wandering around the country putting out outbreaks of the alien virus. The probe that controls it is learning. Time to send in a new strain. Something much more insidious. Something contagious.

It’s a race against time as the disease seeks out leaders, military and civilian. It will convert them. Make them use their own intelligence and cunning to serve it. The aliens are ready to invade and Earth is ripe for the taking. The team must discover who is controlling the virus and stop them. The converted are spreading fast and they only have one goal: the end of humanity.

Scott Sigler serves up another helping of suspense. The virus takes another whack at Armageddon on a biological scale. Scott gives us a plate full of heroes who are humanities only hope. They might stand a chance, if they can stop fighting each other. Another win for the literary prince of darkness.

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It’s Epic, or maybe that’s Epidemic

A disease unlike any other has broken out. The infected develop cists in the form of little blue triangles and try to kill everyone around them. ¬†Epidemiologist Margaret Montoya must find a way to stop it before millions of people die. Former football star Perry Dawsey is infected. The disease is telling him to do bad things. Awful things to good people. Will he be able to shut out the voices in his head, or will they take over and send him on a killing spree. Unknown to both of them, the disease has an ulterior motive. It’s the advanced vanguard of an alien race. It’s too hard to find habitable planets in the galaxy. It’s much easier to find a good world, and kill everything on it. One of their stealthy probes has found earth.

Thriller writer Scott Sigler weaves a tale of unstoppable diseases, alien menace, and an infection so insidious, that it makes the hosts its willing slaves. Masterfully written, Scott keeps the suspense going from page one until the thrilling conclusion. An excellent read.

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Revenge has never been so sweet

Liam, Nick , and Marny are at it again. This time the Mar Protectorate are making them an offer they can’t refuse. Sneak a covert operative into another mining colony. One run by Harry Flark who sold out colony 40, nearly killing Liam’s and Nick’s parents and all of their friends. No chance they’ll turn down the opportunity for some payback. Things go pear-shaped ¬†right away. Flark knows their coming. It will take all of their cunning and courage to survive.

Many of you have read my reviews and know I’m a fan of this series. This book is no exception. Jamie weaves a great story and Liam, Nick, and Marny pop off the page and into our imaginations as they battle space pirates, smugglers, and slavers. A fun read for any space opera fans.

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The bottle has been opened and the genie is out. The stalemate that has kept the Kroerak at bay has been broken. They have invaded the human worlds. Liam and his crew need allies. When a routine exploration turns up more than they bargained for, the Loose Nuts are thrust headlong into the hands of another galactic empire. Are they the allies they’re searching for?

The answer becomes clear when their ship is confiscated. Marooned on a primitive world with no way to escape, they find the last thing they expect: an answer to the Kroerak menace. Liam and his friends must find a ship and bring the answer back to human space. They’ll have to act fast, because the fate of Earth and all humanity hang in the balance.

Jamie McFarlane brings another installment to the Rookie Privateer universe. More action, more adventure, and more plot twists than you can shake a blaster at make this a fun read.

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Edits and more!

As promised, I took care of some nagging typos in The Burning Son. Those updates are now live, so if you reread the book on Kindle, you’ll be prompted to reload the book. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I’ve dropped the price. You can get the ebook version for $3.99 now.


I’ve started writing Burning Son Three (no working title yet). I’m very excited to get Mark back into the thick of things. There are a bunch of subtle hints dropped in books One and Two that will have major impacts on book Three. The Porcu-bears have some new tricks and new twists on old tricks. I’m very excited to get them down on paper.


Lastly, I’m looking for feedback. There will be a short story between books Three and Four. Are there any secondary characters you would like to see as the subject? Anyone interested in what caused Rowdy and Racy to join the crew? What drove Jenna Houston to want to be a pirate? How did War ‘n Pace meet? Let me know what you want to see and I’ll make it happen.IMG_2105