A Reversal of Fortune

Celina is a slave. Well, she was a slave. A well meaning but slightly naive privateer saved her from space pirates. Now she’s on a mission to save her sister before she suffers the same fate. It won’t be easy. Her former masters are hot on her tail. One false move will land her back in their clutches. A fate worse than death.

Jamie McFarlane brings another tale in his Rookie Privateer universe. A young girl in the worst of circumstances overcoming impossible odds. This short story has much of what we love about Jamie’s work. Lots of action and hair raising adventure.

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Hey Guys,

Happy Fourth of July!

So, writing update. Burning Son Two – Marque of the Son is at the editor. I expect to have it back in six weeks. When it gets here, I’ll make final edits and publish.

The artwork for the cover is taking shape. I’ve been discussing concepts with the artist. The rough outs I’m getting are looking good. More on the cover later.

Just finished the outline for Burning Son Three. No finalized title on that yet. I’ll start writing it this week or next.

More updates soon!