It didn’t die, it evolved

Still reeling from the mysterious disease that nearly wiped everyone out, Margaret Montoya, Dew Phillips, and Perry Dawsey can’t catch a break. They’ve been wandering around the country putting out outbreaks of the alien virus. The probe that controls it is learning. Time to send in a new strain. Something much more insidious. Something contagious.

It’s a race against time as the disease seeks out leaders, military and civilian. It will convert them. Make them use their own intelligence and cunning to serve it. The aliens are ready to invade and Earth is ripe for the taking. The team must discover who is controlling the virus and stop them. The converted are spreading fast and they only have one goal: the end of humanity.

Scott Sigler serves up another helping of suspense. The virus takes another whack at Armageddon on a biological scale. Scott gives us a plate full of heroes who are humanities only hope. They might stand a chance, if they can stop fighting each other. Another win for the literary prince of darkness.

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