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Two hundred years ago, humans discovered we weren’t alone in the universe. We shared the Orion Arm of our galaxy with an advanced race of foxlike aliens that came from a planet not so different from our own. The Muscat Empire occupied an area of space just a few hundred light-years from Earth. Naturally, humans stole as much of their technology as they can get their hands on…

After a number of skirmishes and brush wars, the two kingdoms enjoy an uneasy peace.

Racy is a graduate student just a few short months from completing her studies in evolving Artificial Intelligence when a fellow student asks her to help him solve a crime. The king’s death, it wasn’t an accident. He was assassinated.

The search for the truth will uncover secrets the most powerful families in the Muscat Empire don’t want found. The answers could kill Racy, and everyone she cares about.

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