Man vs disease, the final battle

In the battle against the alien virus, there have been many casualties. The alien probe has been destroyed, so the threat is gone, right? The US sends its finest to unearth the probe from Lake Michigan, but they aren’t the only ones. Other countries want the secrets of the alien technology, and will stop at nothing to get it. Enter our team: Margaret Montoya, Clarence Otto, and Tim Feely.

Against their expressed wishes to destroy anything they find, the President has spoken. Recover anything you can. Cooper Mitchell and genius Chinese sleeper spy Steve Stanton have other ideas. They’ll try to steal the alien probes secrets right from under their noses. Unfortunately, they’ve all underestimated the alien probe. It has one final deadly gift for humanity.

Scott Sigler delivers the final episode in the Infected series. If you thought nuking Detroit was the worst that could happen, you’re dead wrong. The alien probe has learned from each failure. Even it death, it will complete its mission. Destroy the human race. In true Sigler fashion, any character you thought was safe is on the chopping block. Our hero’s worst fears are realized, one of them will join the enemy.

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