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The Burning Son

Pilot Mark Martin must flee his homeworld of Yale when the Erethizon theocracy overwhelms the defenses. His father, an influential senator, is captured. Now Mark must find a way to save his dad before the resistance is crushed, and with it, all hope of ending the occupation. A chance encounter with a smuggler captain may be his only hope. Will they help, or will the crew sell him to the alien invaders?


Marque of the Son

Mark Martin needs a ship. He and his crew are marooned on a world controlled by vicious gangsters and a corrupt military. If Mark is to have any hope of saving his father, he’ll have to deal with them. The price is high and it’s more than his life at stake, it’s the lives of everyone he cares about. Caught between ruthless criminals and bloodthirsty aliens Mark takes a desperate gamble. Will they survive, or be the latest casualties in a galaxy-wide war.

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Son Rise

Mark Martin has found his father. Next mission, free his homeworld from the alien menace that occupies it. But his plans are derailed when the Erethizon fleet destroys the hidden pirate base of Ocelot. Now he’s on the run. With no safe port, Mark and his marines will have to find a new base of operations. It won’t be easy. More planets are succumbing to the vicious alien onslaught. The Terran Confederacy is crumbling. With his allies turning on him, battle damage mounting, and resources dwindling, Mark will have to be a better space pirate to have any hope of survival.


The Son Set

Sometimes it pays to be a pirate!

This three-book omnibus edition contains the following novels from the Burning Son Series

  1. The Burning Son
  2. Marque of the Son
  3. Son Rise

Five hundred years in the future, humanity has colonized the stars. We also discovered we aren’t alone.

The Terran Confederacy has an uneasy peace with the three other races, but the independent colonies aren’t as lucky. The Erethizon are on a mission: to forcibly convert the galaxy to their religion.

Mark Martin is a fighter pilot defending his homeworld from the alien menace, when abruptly the war is over. His people have lost. He must escape or be used as a pawn to control his father, an influential senator. A chance encounter with smugglers may be his only hope. Can he join them, or will they sell him to the alien invaders?

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Twin Sons

Fresh from the battle of Aspen, Mark Martin returns to find his people in turmoil. Sara, his first officer and girlfriend, is missing, and with her his ship The Queen Nephanie. It’s a race against time to save the woman he loves. But back home, his enemies are not sitting idle. The crafty Senator Wayne has been moving behind the scenes. He’s got a plan to seize power which spells bad news for Mark.

Twin Sons