Revenge has never been so sweet

Liam, Nick , and Marny are at it again. This time the Mar Protectorate are making them an offer they can’t refuse. Sneak a covert operative into another mining colony. One run by Harry Flark who sold out colony 40, nearly killing Liam’s and Nick’s parents and all of their friends. No chance they’ll turn down the opportunity for some payback. Things go pear-shaped  right away. Flark knows their coming. It will take all of their cunning and courage to survive.

Many of you have read my reviews and know I’m a fan of this series. This book is no exception. Jamie weaves a great story and Liam, Nick, and Marny pop off the page and into our imaginations as they battle space pirates, smugglers, and slavers. A fun read for any space opera fans.

#spaceopera #spacepirates #jamiemcfarlane #bookreview #scifi #sciencefiction


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