It’s a training mission, nothing to worry about

Torin Kerr is a hero, so of course the top brass want to trot her out in front of every civie they can. Gotta keep the public happy. It makes Gunny Kerr miserable. When new tech is used to re-grow Major Svenson, he and his doctor are being sent to a marine training camp. When he offers to make Torin his aid, she jumps at the chance to get away from the monotony.

Something goes wrong. Suddenly, their training mission turns into a desperate battle for survival. Someone has turned all the training sims into deadly reality. Tanks firing live rounds. Artillery firing more than smoke rounds. It will be up to Gunny Kerr and a bunch of raw recruits to keep everyone alive.

Tanya Huff brings the next installment in the Valor’s Choice series. An excellent universe filled with interesting aliens and political intrigue. Each one has their own agenda and quirks. A very engaging story.

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