Jasmine and Willow

Many of you have asked who the dog is in my videos. Her name is Jasmine and she’s a Pomsky (Husky Pomeranian hybrid). Think Husky, but about half the size. She’s always by my side when I’m writing, and she knows when I’m about to record a video. She jumps in my lap ready to be a star (and get treats, lots of treats). She isn’t the only fur-kid in the house, but she’s the one that is most interested in my work. A couple of years ago we adopted Willow after her previous owner couldn’t care for her anymore. While Jasmine is sweet and loyal, Willow likes to stir up trouble by trying to figure out what she can get away with.


Check back here for updates on what she’s up to…


12-10-19 – Jasmine loves when I lie down for a nap. In her mind, that’s the perfect time for puppy kisses.

Going to bed

12-11-19 Give me some of your food. Please!!!

Jasmine thinks that being cute is the way to get more of our food. I tell her she can’t have any until I’m done and then only if she’s been a good girl. Others in my family have different ideas.

01-25-20 Jasmine interrupts a photo shoot. “Does the wand produce treats Daddy?”

2-9-20 “Get off my lawn!”

4-22-20 I shaved. Jasmine was unimpressed.

5-15-20 Taking pictures for a book review cover. Ever wonder how I get Jasmine to look at the camera. You can just make out the treat at the edge of the shot.

She’s so fluffy after seeing the Groomer!

10-25-20 Snow Dog!

12-16-20 We took in another Pomsky that needed a new home. We expected jealousy, instead we got partners in mischief! Meet Willow.

New puppy is kinda nervous 🤣. I hope she gets comfortable in our home soon.

Jasmine is a party animal

Jasmine is a total cuddle hound

1-1-23 Are you trying to take a nap daddy?