Many of you have asked who the dog is in my videos. Her name is Jasmine and she’s a Pomsky (Husky Pomeranian hybrid). Think Husky, but about half the size. She’s always by my side when I’m writing, and she knows when I’m about to record a video. She jumps in my lap ready to be a star (and get treats, lots of treats). She isn’t the only fur-kid in the house, but she’s the one that is most interested in my work.


Check back here for updates on what she’s up to…


12-10-19 – Jasmine loves when I lie down for a nap. In her mind, that’s the perfect time for puppy kisses.

Going to bed

12-11-19 Give me some of your food. Please!!!

Jasmine thinks that being cute is the way to get more of our food. I tell her she can’t have any until I’m done and then only if she’s been a good girl. Others in my family have different ideas.

01-25-20 Jasmine interrupts a photo shoot. “Does the wand produce treats Daddy?”

2-9-20 “Get off my lawn!”

4-22-20 I shaved. Jasmine was unimpressed.

5-15-20 Taking pictures for a book review cover. Ever wonder how I get Jasmine to look at the camera. You can just make out the treat at the edge of the shot.

She’s so fluffy after seeing the Groomer!

10-25-20 Snow Dog!

12-16-20 We took in another Pomsky that needed a new home. We expected jealousy, instead we got partners in mischief! Meet Willow.

New puppy is kinda nervous 🤣. I hope she gets comfortable in our home soon.

Jasmine is a party animal

Jasmine is a total cuddle hound