It’s Epic, or maybe that’s Epidemic

A disease unlike any other has broken out. The infected develop cists in the form of little blue triangles and try to kill everyone around them.  Epidemiologist Margaret Montoya must find a way to stop it before millions of people die. Former football star Perry Dawsey is infected. The disease is telling him to do bad things. Awful things to good people. Will he be able to shut out the voices in his head, or will they take over and send him on a killing spree. Unknown to both of them, the disease has an ulterior motive. It’s the advanced vanguard of an alien race. It’s too hard to find habitable planets in the galaxy. It’s much easier to find a good world, and kill everything on it. One of their stealthy probes has found earth.

Thriller writer Scott Sigler weaves a tale of unstoppable diseases, alien menace, and an infection so insidious, that it makes the hosts its willing slaves. Masterfully written, Scott keeps the suspense going from page one until the thrilling conclusion. An excellent read.

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