Holiday Sale Continues!

Hey Guys, I had so much interest in the Black Friday Sale, I decided to extend it to the end of the Holiday Season. Even better, you can now take advantage of the sale directly from my website. No sending information to me through emails or phone calls. You can buy books safe and conveniently through my payment service. If you want to buy the series Kirkus calls: “… a multivolume space-opera saga in breezy, rousing fashion. The novel is an enjoyable setup, lean in prose, pithy in dialogue…” now’s your chance! Click on the link below!

Black Friday Sale!

You’ve wanted pirates, epic space battles, cute aliens, hostile aliens, and blind mystics. Now they’re all here in TH Leatherman’s The Burning Son. But ugh! To get all of them in paperback is SO EXPENSIVE! $45 before shipping!
Not so fast my penny-pinching friends. TH is riding a starship to the rescue. For a limited time you can get all three of The Burning Son books for $35, including shipping! More Mark, more Racy, more Rowdy, Mimi, and Pythia.