Beware the ides of January

Get off my lawn!

Hey Guys,

This week has been hectic. I’ve written 1000 words every day on the fantasy humor novel, the working title is Fairy Farts. I’m happy with how it’s turning out and my critique group has been howling with laughter every week. I consider that a good sign.

The afternoons have been spent revamping my existing novels to be more in line with the fabulous instructions of Nick Stephenson. I’ve had his book Reader Magnets for a while, but just recently started implementing the fantastic suggestions inside. Free Book – Check. The Fox Prince prequel novella is available for free for my Patreon and newsletter subscribers. I’m revamping the front and back matter of The Burning Son series at the moment and updating the descriptions.

So what does this year look like for me? Two more pun books. Three Fairy Farts books. The next book the The Burning Son series Son Down. Three financial self-help books. Yes, I know I’m not going to get all of that done. On the bright side, the pun books and self-help books will be quick. I can pound out 1000 puns in a couple of weeks, and the financial self-help books are 15k words, so I can knock those out in about 6 weeks. The first financial self-help book is already written. Right now my writing schedule is Fairy Farts one, Pun books two and three, Financial self help two and three, Son Down, Fairy Farts two and three.

That’s subject to change. If The Burning Son starts to really take off after my selling strategy updates, I’ll put everything else on hold and write Son Down. Speaking of which, the original idea was to write seven books in The Burning Son series, but that’s recently turned into ten. If that does well, I already know what happens in the next ten books.

That’s it for this week, if you haven’t picked up The Fox Prince yet, please subscribe to my newsletter and pick up your copy today. It’s Racy’s back story and there’s a lot revealed in there about Racy’s past and Muscat society. Take care Fiction Fans!

Twelfth Night

Happy Twelfth Night

Okay, so last night was Twelfth Night. You’ve heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas? Well, January 6th is the twelfth day and traditionally, the day you take down the Christmas decorations. So this morning, I wrote and edited on Fairy Farts, and this afternoon I took down decorations. It’s sad to see them go into the closet, but they’ve been making our home merry and bright for the past month. Jasmine is happy because the tree takes up a lot of space in my writing loft. In her mind that’s prime paying with brother and sisters and napping space. I hope you had a great holiday season, and I’m looking forward to entertaining you in the New Year!

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers: TH Leatherman & Twin Sons

Todd Leatherman, who writes as TH Leatherman, is a writer from Firestone, Colorado. He enjoys science fiction, fantasy, wine making, and the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. When not busy writing his next book, he can be found hiking with his wife and two sons, or walking his rescued dogs. Todd graduated Summa Cum Laude from Regis University with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Psychology. The latest entry in The Burning Son series was published in late September. It’s the fourth installment in the series and it’s called Twin Sons.   Intro music by Outro by  
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