The bottle has been opened and the genie is out. The stalemate that has kept the Kroerak at bay has been broken. They have invaded the human worlds. Liam and his crew need allies. When a routine exploration turns up more than they bargained for, the Loose Nuts are thrust headlong into the hands of another galactic empire. Are they the allies they’re searching for?

The answer becomes clear when their ship is confiscated. Marooned on a primitive world with no way to escape, they find the last thing they expect: an answer to the Kroerak menace. Liam and his friends must find a ship and bring the answer back to human space. They’ll have to act fast, because the fate of Earth and all humanity hang in the balance.

Jamie McFarlane brings another installment to the Rookie Privateer universe. More action, more adventure, and more plot twists than you can shake a blaster at make this a fun read.

#spaceopera #spacepirates #jamiemcfarlane #bookreview #scifi #sciencefiction


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