Review Policy

I review Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and RPG Lit books. I am currently accepting submissions. I accept short stories and novels in epub, mobi, and paperbacks. I review one mainstream and one indie book per month, interspersed with tips and tricks for writers and tips and tricks for dungeons and dragons players.


Reviews requests can be sent by email to


My book reviews can be found

On the TH Leatherman YouTube channel

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@thleatherman on Twitter

And on TH Leatherman Amazon Review page


I accept books until I have enough to fill my schedule for the next six months. Normally, I don’t charge for book reviews. However, you can jump to the head of the queue for $25. The link for this is below.

As with many authors, I’m more likely to review your book if you mention some of my reviews in your request.

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