Edits and more!

As promised, I took care of some nagging typos in The Burning Son. Those updates are now live, so if you reread the book on Kindle, you’ll be prompted to reload the book. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I’ve dropped the price. You can get the ebook version for $3.99 now.


I’ve started writing Burning Son Three (no working title yet). I’m very excited to get Mark back into the thick of things. There are a bunch of subtle hints dropped in books One and Two that will have major impacts on book Three. The Porcu-bears have some new tricks and new twists on old tricks. I’m very excited to get them down on paper.


Lastly, I’m looking for feedback. There will be a short story between books Three and Four. Are there any secondary characters you would like to see as the subject? Anyone interested in what caused Rowdy and Racy to join the crew? What drove Jenna Houston to want to be a pirate? How did War ‘n Pace meet? Let me know what you want to see and I’ll make it happen.IMG_2105


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