Connor has finally accepted that the real world isn’t for him. Not much a of a choice really. TV or live forever. Eh, who needs sitcoms anyway. Just one more trip to the real world to help his friend Brendan retrieve his mom and daughter. Unless of course, the FBI is waiting to nab him. Oops.

Escaping back to Tir-na-nog, Connor comes face to face with his sadistic uncle. All the pieces are in place for the final battle between brothers. The armies of the Fairies, Imps, and Leprechauns against the Banshees and Brownies. The evil uncle has gruesome secret weapon. An ancient threat that if awakened, will spell doom for the Fairy army. All it requires, is the blood of a special innocent. Brendan’s daughter.

John Lenahan takes us back to the magic land in the final book of the trilogy.  Threats new and old combine forces to wrest control of this epic fantasy world. A wonderful world and unique characters make this a story well worth reading. A definite hit.

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Not what was expected

Well, that escalated quickly. Connor has survived a lot of things. Murderous relatives, a girlfriend that wants him dead, and a misplaced prophecy that said he was going to bring about the end of the world. He made it back to the real world. Whew. Now he only has to deal with real world problems: money, college, police detectives that think he killed his father. Wait, what?

His father isn’t dead, but how do you explain that your Dad is in the land of fairies where he’s a king. Um, yeah, that’s a tough one. He’ll make it back, with cop in tow, to find out his father is dying. Now it’s a race against time, with his Dad getting weaker by the day. This new adventure will take him further into the magical land of Tir-na-nog. Connor will encounter pookas, mermaids, and dragons on his quest to save his father and the kingdom. Old and new friends will be there to help and his treacherous uncle continues to lurk in the shadows.

A great sequel to Shadowmagic. John Lenahan brings back many of our favorite characters and introduces many more. Magic and mayhem ensue as Connor fights again to save his adopted home.

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The beginning of a really weird day

Conner is having a very bad day. First, a long lost aunt, he didn’t know he had, showed up to his home to kill him. Now he’s in his uncle’s dungeon. Yes, he wants him dead, too. Really, all he wants to do is finish high school. Now he’s in a magic land nobody believes exists, hunted by nearly everyone, because of a prophecy given by a long dead witch. If he can survive, maybe he can get back to the real world and finish high school. It isn’t much, but hey, everyone needs goals. To survive, he’s going to need friends. He’s got some, but will a princess, an imp, and a banshee be enough to save him from homicidal relatives?

John Lenahan tells a unique tale of magic and mystery. He creates a vibrant and fascinating world full of interesting characters. Fantasy readers everywhere will enjoy this enchanting and engaging tale.

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Space is not empty

Space is not empty. It is full of dust and trace elements, just very widely spaced. Rick’s job is to find and understand those currents. This isn’t always convenient for the planetary governments. Hence his current situation. Mindless. His memories and purpose forgotten, Rick must find out, what happened to him, who did it, and why. The answer is important, he just doesn’t know why. He’ll need to work fast, because the problem he’s trying to remember, it’s that the world they are on is about to end.

Issac Azimov brings another tale to the Foundation universe. Amnesia and the political intrigue that marks much of his work. A thrilling tale of haves and have nots and the power struggles that are the everything of their world. A wonderful book that I recommend highly.

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Contend in vain

The end of the world’s energy problems is at hand. The answer lies not in renewable energy but in a parallel universe. As the physicist to figure it out, Fredrick Hallam gain fame and fortune. This turns out to be a bad thing. Hallam isn’t that smart and has a fragile ego. He abuses his new found power to ruin all scientists that disagree with him.

Fellow scientists Lamont and Denison have felt the full weight of Hallam’s ire. They suspect that something is very wrong with the whole process. Why would the para-men give them the gift of limitless energy? But no one wants to ask the hard questions if it means giving up free limitless energy. It will be up to them to find out the alien’s nefarious plans before all of humanity pays the price. Destruction of the earth itself.

Issac Azimov tells a tale of science and human frailty. His exploration of human the human condition, how we act and react is flawless. Each character has their own agenda and how they choose to reach their goals is the foundation of good fiction. A wonderful story, told artfully. Well worth reading.

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Smuggling is a lucrative and ugly business

Dirk Pitt is visiting operations in the Black Sea when they receive a mysterious mayday: ‘we’re under attack.’ They arrive to find the crew of the freighter dead and nearly go down with the ship when the smugglers try to cover up the evidence. What does it all mean? Why would anyone gas an entire ship? How was it done? What does it have to do with a missing Russian bomber and a lost shipment of gold? The race to find the answers will take them across the Mediterranean and beyond. Dirk and his team will uncover more shipwrecks than you can shake a dive fin at, and uncover a terrorist attack on American soil. Will they be in time, or will it be the beginning of world war three, with the US and Russia at each other throats.

Clive and Dirk Cussler do what they do best, tell stories of adventure and international intrigue. At the center the dirty and unseemly business of smuggling weapons. Also, the most feared of weapons, a nuclear bomb. Non-stop action from page one until the thrilling final, this story will keep you awake until the wee hours.

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More than Virtual Reality

Wade Watts is an egg hunter, or ‘gunter’. Ten years ago the father of virtual reality, James Halliday died. He left his multi-billion dollar fortune to whomever could solve his puzzles, and find his ‘easter eggs’. For Wade, an orphan living in the slums, it is his one chance to escape poverty. Can the puzzle be solved when millions before him have failed? The journey will take him through a plethora of nineteen eighties pop culture. a thorough knowledge of classic video games, movies, and Dungeons and Dragons will be required to win the challenge. But the online game company IOI, also wants Halliday’s virtual reality world, and they’ll do anything to get it. Assassination, dirty tricks, and corporate hackers are all on the table for the highest stakes game in history. Wade in his online personality of Parzival, will need his friends Art3mis and Aech if hopes to have a chance. The problem: they want the prize as bad as he does.

Ernest Cline does a good job of weaving dystopian future technology into a enthralling trip down memory lane. An enjoyable read for scifi fans of all ages, even if you didn’t live through the eighties.

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