Connor has finally accepted that the real world isn’t for him. Not much a of a choice really. TV or live forever. Eh, who needs sitcoms anyway. Just one more trip to the real world to help his friend Brendan retrieve his mom and daughter. Unless of course, the FBI is waiting to nab him. Oops.

Escaping back to Tir-na-nog, Connor comes face to face with his sadistic uncle. All the pieces are in place for the final battle between brothers. The armies of the Fairies, Imps, and Leprechauns against the Banshees and Brownies. The evil uncle has gruesome secret weapon. An ancient threat that if awakened, will spell doom for the Fairy army. All it requires, is the blood of a special innocent. Brendan’s daughter.

John Lenahan takes us back to the magic land in the final book of the trilogy.  Threats new and old combine forces to wrest control of this epic fantasy world. A wonderful world and unique characters make this a story well worth reading. A definite hit.

#fantasy #bookreview #urbanfantasy #thleatherman #johnlenahan


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