More than Virtual Reality

Wade Watts is an egg hunter, or ‘gunter’. Ten years ago the father of virtual reality, James Halliday died. He left his multi-billion dollar fortune to whomever could solve his puzzles, and find his ‘easter eggs’. For Wade, an orphan living in the slums, it is his one chance to escape poverty. Can the puzzle be solved when millions before him have failed? The journey will take him through a plethora of nineteen eighties pop culture. a thorough knowledge of classic video games, movies, and Dungeons and Dragons will be required to win the challenge. But the online game company IOI, also wants Halliday’s virtual reality world, and they’ll do anything to get it. Assassination, dirty tricks, and corporate hackers are all on the table for the highest stakes game in history. Wade in his online personality of Parzival, will need his friends Art3mis and Aech if hopes to have a chance. The problem: they want the prize as bad as he does.

Ernest Cline does a good job of weaving dystopian future technology into a enthralling trip down memory lane. An enjoyable read for scifi fans of all ages, even if you didn’t live through the eighties.

#urbanfantasy #thleatherman #ernestcline #dystopia #bookreview


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