The beginning of a really weird day

Conner is having a very bad day. First, a long lost aunt, he didn’t know he had, showed up to his home to kill him. Now he’s in his uncle’s dungeon. Yes, he wants him dead, too. Really, all he wants to do is finish high school. Now he’s in a magic land nobody believes exists, hunted by nearly everyone, because of a prophecy given by a long dead witch. If he can survive, maybe he can get back to the real world and finish high school. It isn’t much, but hey, everyone needs goals. To survive, he’s going to need friends. He’s got some, but will a princess, an imp, and a banshee be enough to save him from homicidal relatives?

John Lenahan tells a unique tale of magic and mystery. He creates a vibrant and fascinating world full of interesting characters. Fantasy readers everywhere will enjoy this enchanting and engaging tale.

#fantasy #bookreview #urbanfantasy #thleatherman #johnlenahan


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