Smuggling is a lucrative and ugly business

Dirk Pitt is visiting operations in the Black Sea when they receive a mysterious mayday: ‘we’re under attack.’ They arrive to find the crew of the freighter dead and nearly go down with the ship when the smugglers try to cover up the evidence. What does it all mean? Why would anyone gas an entire ship? How was it done? What does it have to do with a missing Russian bomber and a lost shipment of gold? The race to find the answers will take them across the Mediterranean and beyond. Dirk and his team will uncover more shipwrecks than you can shake a dive fin at, and uncover a terrorist attack on American soil. Will they be in time, or will it be the beginning of world war three, with the US and Russia at each other throats.

Clive and Dirk Cussler do what they do best, tell stories of adventure and international intrigue. At the center the dirty and unseemly business of smuggling weapons. Also, the most feared of weapons, a nuclear bomb. Non-stop action from page one until the thrilling final, this story will keep you awake until the wee hours.

#actionadventure #clivecussler #bookreview

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