Space is not empty

Space is not empty. It is full of dust and trace elements, just very widely spaced. Rick’s job is to find and understand those currents. This isn’t always convenient for the planetary governments. Hence his current situation. Mindless. His memories and purpose forgotten, Rick must find out, what happened to him, who did it, and why. The answer is important, he just doesn’t know why. He’ll need to work fast, because the problem he’s trying to remember, it’s that the world they are on is about to end.

Issac Azimov brings another tale to the Foundation universe. Amnesia and the political intrigue that marks much of his work. A thrilling tale of haves and have nots and the power struggles that are the everything of their world. A wonderful book that I recommend highly.

#Scifi #bookreview #clasicscifi #thleatherman #sciencefiction #issacazimov #spaceopera

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