Contend in vain

The end of the world’s energy problems is at hand. The answer lies not in renewable energy but in a parallel universe. As the physicist to figure it out, Fredrick Hallam gain fame and fortune. This turns out to be a bad thing. Hallam isn’t that smart and has a fragile ego. He abuses his new found power to ruin all scientists that disagree with him.

Fellow scientists Lamont and Denison have felt the full weight of Hallam’s ire. They suspect that something is very wrong with the whole process. Why would the para-men give them the gift of limitless energy? But no one wants to ask the hard questions if it means giving up free limitless energy. It will be up to them to find out the alien’s nefarious plans before all of humanity pays the price. Destruction of the earth itself.

Issac Azimov tells a tale of science and human frailty. His exploration of human the human condition, how we act and react is flawless. Each character has their own agenda and how they choose to reach their goals is the foundation of good fiction. A wonderful story, told artfully. Well worth reading.

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