Not what was expected

Well, that escalated quickly. Connor has survived a lot of things. Murderous relatives, a girlfriend that wants him dead, and a misplaced prophecy that said he was going to bring about the end of the world. He made it back to the real world. Whew. Now he only has to deal with real world problems: money, college, police detectives that think he killed his father. Wait, what?

His father isn’t dead, but how do you explain that your Dad is in the land of fairies where he’s a king. Um, yeah, that’s a tough one. He’ll make it back, with cop in tow, to find out his father is dying. Now it’s a race against time, with his Dad getting weaker by the day. This new adventure will take him further into the magical land of Tir-na-nog. Connor will encounter pookas, mermaids, and dragons on his quest to save his father and the kingdom. Old and new friends will be there to help and his treacherous uncle continues to lurk in the shadows.

A great sequel to Shadowmagic. John Lenahan brings back many of our favorite characters and introduces many more. Magic and mayhem ensue as Connor fights again to save his adopted home.

#fantasy #bookreview #urbanfantasy #thleatherman #johnlenahan


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