No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Liam and the crew of Loose Nuts have saved the lives of two stranded groups of humans. As a result, they are no longer welcome in the four star systems that make up human controlled space. The mega-corporation that has the monopoly on faster than light travel will stop at nothing to silence them. Profit and fear driving them to abandon their fellow man. Unfortunately, Liam has only scratched the surface. Other missing colonies and outposts are in need of rescue.

Their search will bring them face to face with two new alien races. One is friendly. Another wants to enslave all of humanity. The reason why will horrify Liam and his crew. The struggle will unite Liam with former allies and enemies. If the aliens don’t kill him, then the people who murdered his father surely will.

Jamie McFarlane continues his epic saga in this no holds barred sequel. The stakes have never been higher. The consequences of failure never so dire. Jamie continues to impress us with complex enemies and astounding space battles. Full speed ahead, fire all weapons, and give no quarter!

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The seedy side of trade

It should be the best day of Natalya’s life. Graduation from the galaxy famous Fleet Academy on Newmar. An exciting career in front of her, dashed to pieces. She’s accused of murdering a classmate. Another cadet who was really an undercover agent for the Trade Investigation Commission.

Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, Natalya must flee to the lawless fringes of human space. With authorities close on her heels, she’ll be forced to eek out a living doing the kind of things people don’t talk about in polite company. The latest job? Haul a load of illegal goods… directly into a TIC controlled port.

Nathan Lowell weaves an engaging tale of life on the edge of civilization. Smuggler’s Tales looks to be every bit as entertaining as Trader’s Tales. A world filled with complex characters, unseen foes, and life in the deep dark.

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Action, Adventure, Intrigue!

Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon have finished a job and are looking forward to some well earned rest and relaxation. Pulling off impossible clandestine missions can test even the hardiest soul. But when one of the corporation’s biggest bank accounts suddenly vanishes, Juan and the crew are back in the saddle again. This time its personal.

This non-stop thrill ride will take them across Europe to find the clues they desperately need. What does a modern day bank heist have to do with Napoleonic era artifacts? Is the bank heist the goal, or is it only a distraction? The answers will pit them against an enemy every bit as cunning, resourceful, and sneaky as the corporation.

This installment of the Oregon Files brings everything we’ve come to expect from Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison. Action, adventure, and super spies. The stakes are higher. The fate of the corporation and all of Europe hang in the balance. This book kept me turning pages until the early morning hours. Well done.

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Death in the form of sharp and pointy teeth!

Death in the form of sharp and pointy teeth!

The crew of the Oregon have made a name for themselves. That’s not a good thing in the spy business where the less known about you the better. There’s only one thing to do. Fake your own death. The mission goes off without a hitch, except for one thing. The ambitious admiral credited with the destruction of the Oregon has an ally. A compatriot that has the ability to spy on anyone, anywhere.

Juan Cabrillo and the crew have to discover who is sinking shipping all over South and Central America. What is the goal of their new enemy? What does it have to do with a long dead German physicist? And how do you combat an adversary who knows your every move before you do?

Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison deliver another a wild adventure full of twists and turns and non-stop action. Smart and ruthless enemies who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals wealth and power.

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Blurred Lines

For years Liam and his crew have been on the right side of the law. They do the things that governments can’t using their letter of marque and hauling cargo on the side. Trouble has followed our heroes, but the lines between good and evil have been easily and clearly defined. A wealthy industrialist has taken notice. He offers the Loose Nuts team a choice. A ship and crew they couldn’t save. What if you could?

A secret so big, that nations and the most powerful corporations in the known universe will kill anyone who discovers it. It’s a matter of honor.¬† Liam’s choice will turn allies into enemies, hurt and kill friends and innocents. The worst part, he can’t even tell them why.

Jamie’s Privateer Tales universe explodes into action as the characters discover that their battles with pirates hasn’t been the tip of the iceberg. It’s been a single snowflake on a glacial mountain. Their new enemies make their old ones look like annoying pests.

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Scott Sigler – Alight

Em woke up with no memory. She’s discovered that she is the clone of her older self. An older self that wants to overwrite her mind with itself. She’s joined with other clones to escape to the planet, but the world is even more alien than the star ship they escaped from. Now, it’s not just the grown-ups they have to survive, but starvation, hostile aliens, and factions within the clones. ¬†Failure means death for them all, or a fate worse than death.

Scott Sigler writes and engaging story. While it’s mostly clear who the bad guys are, what they are going to do to achieve their goals, remains a mystery. Scott writes suspense well. You see what’s happening, but only realize later that something you knew was there, wasn’t what you thought it was. A great adventure.

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Epic Space Battles!

Daniel Leary has problems. He’s on the outs with his politically powerful father and he’s naval officer with few prospects. Librarian, Adele Mundy survived the destruction of her family by being in the wrong place at the right time. Destruction carried out by Daniel Leary’s dad. Can two people who should hate each other, work together to save a world from destruction? Only if they can put together a crew as unlikely as they are.

David Drake puts together a melodramatic story of political intrigue and unlikely allies to save the world. The characters have strengths and flaws that complement each other well.¬† The ships are reminiscent of 1930’s era technology: cramped, utilitarian, but functional. The civilization doesn’t have the polish seen in many sci-fi novels. The frontier worlds gave a gritty and haphazard feel. An excellent read.

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