No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Liam and the crew of Loose Nuts have saved the lives of two stranded groups of humans. As a result, they are no longer welcome in the four star systems that make up human controlled space. The mega-corporation that has the monopoly on faster than light travel will stop at nothing to silence them. Profit and fear driving them to abandon their fellow man. Unfortunately, Liam has only scratched the surface. Other missing colonies and outposts are in need of rescue.

Their search will bring them face to face with two new alien races. One is friendly. Another wants to enslave all of humanity. The reason why will horrify Liam and his crew. The struggle will unite Liam with former allies and enemies. If the aliens don’t kill him, then the people who murdered his father surely will.

Jamie McFarlane continues his epic saga in this no holds barred sequel. The stakes have never been higher. The consequences of failure never so dire. Jamie continues to impress us with complex enemies and astounding space battles. Full speed ahead, fire all weapons, and give no quarter!

#spaceopera #spacepirates #jamiemcfarlane #bookreview #scifi


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