Blurred Lines

For years Liam and his crew have been on the right side of the law. They do the things that governments can’t using their letter of marque and hauling cargo on the side. Trouble has followed our heroes, but the lines between good and evil have been easily and clearly defined. A wealthy industrialist has taken notice. He offers the Loose Nuts team a choice. A ship and crew they couldn’t save. What if you could?

A secret so big, that nations and the most powerful corporations in the known universe will kill anyone who discovers it. It’s a matter of honor.  Liam’s choice will turn allies into enemies, hurt and kill friends and innocents. The worst part, he can’t even tell them why.

Jamie’s Privateer Tales universe explodes into action as the characters discover that their battles with pirates hasn’t been the tip of the iceberg. It’s been a single snowflake on a glacial mountain. Their new enemies make their old ones look like annoying pests.

#spaceopera #spacepirates #jamiemcfarlane #bookreview #scifi


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