Epic Space Battles!

Daniel Leary has problems. He’s on the outs with his politically powerful father and he’s naval officer with few prospects. Librarian, Adele Mundy survived the destruction of her family by being in the wrong place at the right time. Destruction carried out by Daniel Leary’s dad. Can two people who should hate each other, work together to save a world from destruction? Only if they can put together a crew as unlikely as they are.

David Drake puts together a melodramatic story of political intrigue and unlikely allies to save the world. The characters have strengths and flaws that complement each other well.  The ships are reminiscent of 1930’s era technology: cramped, utilitarian, but functional. The civilization doesn’t have the polish seen in many sci-fi novels. The frontier worlds gave a gritty and haphazard feel. An excellent read.

#bookreview #scifi #daviddrake #thleatherman #spaceopera

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