Scott Sigler – Alight

Em woke up with no memory. She’s discovered that she is the clone of her older self. An older self that wants to overwrite her mind with itself. She’s joined with other clones to escape to the planet, but the world is even more alien than the star ship they escaped from. Now, it’s not just the grown-ups they have to survive, but starvation, hostile aliens, and factions within the clones. ¬†Failure means death for them all, or a fate worse than death.

Scott Sigler writes and engaging story. While it’s mostly clear who the bad guys are, what they are going to do to achieve their goals, remains a mystery. Scott writes suspense well. You see what’s happening, but only realize later that something you knew was there, wasn’t what you thought it was. A great adventure.

#bookreview #scifi #scottsigler #thleatherman #spaceopera


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