Book Review: The Ortzian Chronicles by Aaron T Knight

Sam Slade is a graduate Astronomy student at UC Berkley. He’s dedicated his life to solving the mysteries of the universe. He just wasn’t prepared to find one of those mysteries hiding in his favorite easy chair.

The Ortzian travelers from another galaxy are in a real pickle. They’ve crash landed on a primitive world filled with grotesque bipedal aliens. None of the technology they rely on for daily life can be found here. How can they get off this planet without fuel? How will they eat without compatible food? How will they signal their people without a radio-telescope? Oh! Hey, look, a radio-telescope.

The Ortz enlist Sam to help them access the telescope and hide them until pick up, except there are two problems. Sam took a picture of the crash landing, and the telescope recorded the outbound transmission. Leave it to the narcissistic Dr. Globule to find them both. Convinced that Nobel prizes are in his future, he’ll stop at nothing to locate the wayward aliens. This inevitably leads to cats, elephants, and dragons (oh my!), anal probing cows, and a boat load of conspiracy theories that might actually have a grain of truth this time.

Aaron gives us a hilarious vision of humanity through they eyes of a pair of desperate alien visitors. From ambitious egotists, to government bureaucracies, to international politics, nothing is safe from Aaron insightful wit and outrageous commentary. If you’re looking for a lighthearted romp, this is sure to fit the bill. 5 out of 5 stars.


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