Book Review – The Bloodless Revolution by Thomas K Davis

The planet Samael is in peril!

Adeola has been busy. Starting a revolution, training freedom fighters, and protecting her friends is a full-time job. Her brother, The Emperor Kupanga, seized the throne through subterfuge. For the good of the empire, she’s determined to unseat him. But how can she replace him when her other brother and father are dead? Well, perhaps if one of them was only mostly dead… She’ll have to lead her warrior monks on an unarmed strike.

Mega rose from humble beginnings to become the most feared commander of the royal guard. She’ll do anything to protect the throne. Anything has meant a trail of bodies and a well-deserved reputation as a fearsome opponent. Nothing will stand in her way of carrying out the Emperor’s will. She’ll hunt the dogs down in her war on terrier.

Things are coming to head. Adeola has a plan for a bloodless revelation. Unfortunately, it depends on a lot of things going right. When things almost immediately go wrong a lot of friends and innocents end up in the crossfire. Will Adeola be able to forge a path to peace, or will her efforts plunge the kingdom into a bloody civil war. As everyone knows, the best way to win a war is with weapons of mass distraction.

Thomas Davis weaves a story of action, adventure, and political intrigue. The story has a Dune or Star Wars feel to it with all the hidden connections between characters and small group of family and friends in the middle of it. There are a lot of points of view at the beginning, which makes the story hard to parse at first. About 20% of the way into the story, they knit together into a tapestry that’s easier to follow. Action, a complex plot, and characters with good depth make this story an enjoyable read. 4 out of 5 stars.


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