How can a date go wrong? Let’s see…

“Oh no, I’m going to be-”


A thick green fog erupted from Sina’s butt. Being on the couch did nothing to slow it down. It filled the space around her for a dozen feet in every direction. And it stank. Really stank. Ten times worse than the port-a-potties at the state fair kinda stink. I struggled not lose my lunch as I scrambled out of the foul-smelling cloud.

“Oh, sweet Titania. Make it stop.” Sina exclaimed.

At that moment, Gemma stepped out of the bathroom clutching a towel two sizes too small to her front. “Hey Evan, where do you keep the- Oh, wow. What is that amazing smell?”

Sina’s mouth fell open. Eyes wide she took in Gemma’s nearly naked form. Her gaze shifted to me. Before I could say a word she bolted from the room.


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