Springing into April

Hey Fiction Fans,

Spring has sprung here in Colorado. I’m getting out of the house and getting some hiking and dog walking in. And, of course, diligently working on Fairy Farts. I’ve made some progress on the main scene that’s been giving me trouble. Turns out that the thing that was giving me the most problems was Sina. My elf maiden needed more character depth before the scene could take shape in my head and move forward. I found inspiration in another story. It helped me define what was missing.


“It’s chocolate. The stuff on the outside is a wrapper to protect it until you’re ready to eat it.”

Sina held it gingerly in hands. “An artifact from across the great divide. I’ll cherish it always.”

“Well, it’s food,” I laughed at her reverence. “So, don’t cherish it more than a couple of months. It’ll go bad.”

Sina leaned in and kissed me. It was sweet and tender, and I wanted it to go on forever. It also lasted longer than a friendly thank you.

Reluctantly, I separated my lips from hers. I took a breath to steady myself. When I could trust myself with words, I said, “Wow. That was great and all, but… aren’t you engaged?” 

In other news, I’ve been unhappy with the selection of art available from various services for my ads. Like many writers, I buy licenses to use art made by various artists for my ad copy. I dusted off my image editing skills and made this pic of Mark and Sara on the bridge of Queen Nephanie. And yes, I bought the licenses for all the pieces that went into the final product. I’m sure I’ll get better with practice.

That’s all for this week, so y’all later Fiction Fans.


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