The plan is in ruins

The Mule is desperate to find the Second Foundation. His Empire stretches far into known space. Peace reins within his borders. None outside his domain dares challenge his strength. Only one things threatens his realm, the Second Foundation. It’s out there somewhere, waiting to reassert control over the galaxy. To that end, he tasks two of his servants to find them. Han Pritcher and Bail Channis. Will they be able to find the Second Foundation, or will they suffer the Mule’s wrath.

Arkady Darell knows that her father is up to something. A plot to discover who has been meddling in the affairs of the new Empire. The Prime suspect? The Second Foundation. Some may think her young and precocious, but she’ll show them. She’ll find the Second Foundation and end the threat to the new Empire. All she has to do now is stow away on a ship. Easy as falling out a window.

The final book in Issac Aszmov’s Foundation trilogy. The search for the Second Foundation continues and everyone has their reasons for wanting them out of the way. Will it survive, or will the Sheldon plan continue unimpeded. Twists and turns abound in the final installment of this classic collection.

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