What happens when the Empire falls

The Empire has fallen. Hari Sheldon’s Foundation has survived. They’ve convinced the local warlords that it is easier to work with them than against them. That may have worked for the near space neighbors, but now the Foundation’s influence has bumped up against the Empire’s remnants. Generals and Admirals control different sections of space and all of them want power. They know that knowledge is power and the Foundation has the knowledge. Are Lathan Devers and Ducem Barr up to the challenge?

But lurking in near space is a being called ‘The Mule.’ He has a strange power to control the people he meets. Did Hari Sheldon’s plan account for mutants? What are his goals? Why has no one seen him? Toran and Bayta Darell seek the answers by travelling to Trantor, the capital of the old Empire. Perhaps they will get the answers they need from the Second Foundation. A collection of social scientists Hari Sheldon created to gently guide the galaxy. If only they can find them. All the while, The Mule follows their every move in his mad quest to control the galaxy.

The sequel to Issac Azimov’s Foundation continues the epic struggles of a galaxy trying to put itself back together. A choice between a thousand years of anarchy or thirty thousand years of death and destruction. A classic scifi series that is a must for readers of space opera.

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