Who’s in Charge Here

Louis Wu is back, healed and ready to go. He’s been a puppet of too many people for far too long.  Now he’s out to explore the Ringworld. Get to know it’s people. When he finds his friends in trouble, he’ll have no choice but to get involved.  It may be much more than he bargained for.

The last time he was awake, the Ringworld was falling into the sun. This time the Ringworld is under attack. Creature that resemble vampires are showing up in greater numbers than ever before. What once was a nuisance, is now a plague upon the land. It will take a new coalition of different Ringworld species to end the threat. They’ll need to uncover the cause of the uprising. The answer will shock ball world visitors to the core.

Larry Niven brings our favorite two hundred year old hero back. This time he has some new and old faces from various races to help him out. Super smart alien intelligences vie to control the destiny of the Ringworld and all of its trillions of inhabitants. A good sequel to the series, but this time Louis isn’t the only point of view.

#spaceopera  #larryniven #bookreview #scifi #sciencefiction



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