A Swan Sorta

Penny is a normal girl, doing a normal job, a clerk at a law firm. She’s never been what one would call beautiful. More like a plain Jane with an inferiority complex. That is until the meteor. She was struck by one, but she didn’t die. Instead, she was transformed.

Now she’s a superhero by day and law clerk by night. The ultimate secret identity, since her heroine self looks nothing like plain old Penny. Just in time, because the city needs her help. There’s a new drug on the street. Highly addictive since it makes people feel like they have super powers. For some it has fatal consequences. It’s up to Penny to find the ones behind it, before the bodies really start piling up.

Niall Teasdale breaks new ground in his first superhero novel, Ugly. A classic set of heroes and villains with the lines getting blurred from time to time.  I especially liked the part where Penny find mentors in old heroes that have been injured in the line of duty. If you like DC or Marvel stories this novel will reel you in. And because it’s Niall Teasdale, it’s liberally sprinkled with sex.

#bookreview #niallteasdale #superheroes #actionadventure


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