Steel Clad Scifi (repost from 11-8-16)

Aneka Jansen just woke up. This is pretty impressive considering she’s been dead for a thousand years. On top of that, her body is just a memory. An extinct alien race copied her into an android shell. Now she’ll have to adjust to life in the far future. Along the way, she’ll have to find out who she is now. Is she still human? What did the aliens want with her? She isn’t the only one. The humans of this new age must decide is she’s adrift in time, or a new threat from a long vanquished foe.

Niall Teasedale weaves an epic space opera with erotic overtones. When it come to sex charged stories, I’m a fan of well developed plots. Niall delivers. Aneka finds that her military extraction skills come n handy, even in this distant future. An excellent read for any scifi fan.

#Scifi #bookreview #spaceopera #thleatherman


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