Escort Who to Do What?

When the chief spymaster of your empire come to you and asks a favor, it’s best just to say yes. Daniel Leery did just that, but now he’s escorting the spymaster’s son out to the edges of known space. His mission, find an ancient treasure buried for thousands of years. There’s just a couple of complications. A brutal civil war on the planet being one of them. All in a day’s work for Daniel.

Daniel has to deal with misgivings on his own crew this time. They can’t understand why he didn’t invite them along. It’s hard to explain to them that he feels like it’s a wild goose chase. He’ll need them though. The local warlords view the recently arrived star ship as an asset. To them, the first to capture Daniel’s ship will have a significant advantage in their planetary power play.  Little do they know that the treasure is more than a myth. There’s something to it, and the stakes are much bigger than they could have imagined.

David Drake brings Daniel Leery and Adele Mundy back for another exciting adventure in The Sea without a Shore. Our unlikely allies have their work cut out for them. When everyone is out to get you and the stakes rise ever higher, Daniel and Adele are just the team to set things right.

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Oorah! (repost from 11-4-16)

Erik Cain joined the marines to get off of death row. Now he’s traveling the galaxy, meeting new people, and killing them. He has combat skills and a mission to bring rebellious colony worlds back into the fold. Now he’s starting to wonder if he’s on the right side. Earth gave him skills and powered armor, but is he serving his homeland, or it’s decadent political masters.

A great start to a long running series, Marines starts off the Crimson Worlds series with a bang. If you love military space opera, this will keep you entertained and asking for more!

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A New Lease on Life

Tabby has always known what she wanted. She wanted Liam too, but he’d have to get off his butt and ask her out for that to happen. When Liam swooped in and pull what was left of her body, out of her trashed fighter, she figured actions spoke louder than words. But when he cooked up a scheme to get Mars Protectorate to spring for a new body, that was the final straw. Liam belongs to Tabby, and everyone else better watch out.

Now she has a new body, faster and stronger than her old one. There are just a few loose ends to tie up. An old friend in need. But something isn’t right. Backward family members trying to keep her friend down and someone trying to kill them. It’s up to Tabby to save the day. And the villain isn’t who she thinks it is.

McFarlane brings a new perspective to his ongoing Privateer Tales series. A short and sweet whodunit filled with action and adventure. Fans of the series have been waiting a long time for these two characters to get together, and Jamie doesn’t disappoint.

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Steel Clad Scifi (repost from 11-8-16)

Aneka Jansen just woke up. This is pretty impressive considering she’s been dead for a thousand years. On top of that, her body is just a memory. An extinct alien race copied her into an android shell. Now she’ll have to adjust to life in the far future. Along the way, she’ll have to find out who she is now. Is she still human? What did the aliens want with her? She isn’t the only one. The humans of this new age must decide is she’s adrift in time, or a new threat from a long vanquished foe.

Niall Teasedale weaves an epic space opera with erotic overtones. When it come to sex charged stories, I’m a fan of well developed plots. Niall delivers. Aneka finds that her military extraction skills come n handy, even in this distant future. An excellent read for any scifi fan.

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Who’s in Charge Here

Louis Wu is back, healed and ready to go. He’s been a puppet of too many people for far too long.  Now he’s out to explore the Ringworld. Get to know it’s people. When he finds his friends in trouble, he’ll have no choice but to get involved.  It may be much more than he bargained for.

The last time he was awake, the Ringworld was falling into the sun. This time the Ringworld is under attack. Creature that resemble vampires are showing up in greater numbers than ever before. What once was a nuisance, is now a plague upon the land. It will take a new coalition of different Ringworld species to end the threat. They’ll need to uncover the cause of the uprising. The answer will shock ball world visitors to the core.

Larry Niven brings our favorite two hundred year old hero back. This time he has some new and old faces from various races to help him out. Super smart alien intelligences vie to control the destiny of the Ringworld and all of its trillions of inhabitants. A good sequel to the series, but this time Louis isn’t the only point of view.

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