Escort Who to Do What?

When the chief spymaster of your empire come to you and asks a favor, it’s best just to say yes. Daniel Leery did just that, but now he’s escorting the spymaster’s son out to the edges of known space. His mission, find an ancient treasure buried for thousands of years. There’s just a couple of complications. A brutal civil war on the planet being one of them. All in a day’s work for Daniel.

Daniel has to deal with misgivings on his own crew this time. They can’t understand why he didn’t invite them along. It’s hard to explain to them that he feels like it’s a wild goose chase. He’ll need them though. The local warlords view the recently arrived star ship as an asset. To them, the first to capture Daniel’s ship will have a significant advantage in their planetary power play.  Little do they know that the treasure is more than a myth. There’s something to it, and the stakes are much bigger than they could have imagined.

David Drake brings Daniel Leery and Adele Mundy back for another exciting adventure in The Sea without a Shore. Our unlikely allies have their work cut out for them. When everyone is out to get you and the stakes rise ever higher, Daniel and Adele are just the team to set things right.

#bookreview #scifi #daviddrake #spaceopera


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