Epic Space Battles (repost from 11-14-16)

Honor Harrington is having a bad life. She’s upset the wrong people and they’ve decided to make an example of her. They’ve put her on a relic of a ship, picketing a planet no one cares about, near a hostile neighboring star empire. Everything is about to come to a head. A lesser captain would ground up in the gears of war. That captain would not be Honor Harrington.

Weber’s naval battles are reminiscent of Nelson and Hornblower. If you’re a fan of military scifi, and you haven’t picked up this series, get out from under your rock and go get it. Weber writes in a highly descriptive style. He sets up the politics and background and then let’s the ordinance fly. Fair warning, once you start reading, you won’t want to stop.

#scifi #bookreview #spaceopera #thleatherman #navalcombat #sciencefiction


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