Not Quite What Was Planned

Louis Wu has been kidnapped. Not that his life was all that great to begin with. After his last trip to the Ringworld the human authorities want him badly. They’ve told no one about the advanced new drive technology he brought back, or about the woman he came back with. She disappeared. Another puppeteer is taking him and his kzin companion back to the unusual world beyond known space.

When they get there, they find the Ringworld in danger. It’s begun to wobble. In about a year it will wobble into the sun. It’s a race against time to find the answers to save the world, and get out from under their puppeteer kidnapper.

Larry Niven takes us back to the Ringworld in Ringworld Engineers. A few physics errors from the first book get solved here. Louis Wu meets more of the Ringworld inhabitants and learns a hard lesson. You can’t save everyone. Sometimes the best you can do, at the end of the day, is save as many as you can. A great sequel, every bit as engaging as the first.

#spaceopera  #larryniven #bookreview #scifi #sciencefiction

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