A Deadly Mist

Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are on assignment in the Mediterranean when they get a distress call from a nearby island. They arrive to find the everyone dead. A ship grounded ashore and some sort of biological or nerve agent was released. They rescue a doctor with disturbing information. The islanders are not dead but in a deep coma. It is now a race against time to find the cure before the near death becomes permanent.

Kurt and Joe come face to face with assassins and fanatics at every turn. What does the cure have to do with Napoleonic Era artifacts? How does it tie in with the recent unrest in the north African countries? The answer may kill them, but to fail will plunge millions under the control of a vicious despot.

The Pharaoh’s Secret is another great novel by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown. This one has a nice tie in with The Emperor’s Revenge. Lots of action and even some scenes in caves. This book has everything we love about Clive Cussler: Action, Adventure, and  Diving.

#actionadventure #clivecussler #bookreview


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