You can’t be two places at once

In this continuing saga, Mitchell Williams is faced with a difficult choice. They AIs are systematically exterminating the human race, and their next target is Earth. Mitch can either find a helpful but unknown secret left by a deceased ally, or find the AIs creator by hacking an impenetrable database. He only has time to do one.

Reeling from the loss of many friends, betrayed by trusted allies, Mitch tries to make the best choices he can to save the human race. Unknown to him, a little girl has stowed away on an enemy ship. If she can stop the nefarious Watson, she could greatly improve the odds. She alone controls a secret weapon that could disrupt the balance of power. It would give humanity the edge they need to come back from the brink of extinction.

MR Forbes continues his grand space opera in The Point of Origin.  It has all the action and space battles we’ve come to expect from him. There’s a lot of back and forth in this book as friends reveal hidden talents and supposed allies turn against Mitch and the Riggers. One thing I didn’t like was that the book ends on a cliff hanger. Thankfully, MR Forbes writes quickly, but like many readers, I’m not a fan of books ending at the climax unresolved. Otherwise, a good read. Objectives turn out not to be what you expect, and heroes and villains have secrets.

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