The Dead are Rising

Harry’s birthday is coming, which obviously means the world is about to go to hell in a hand basket. This year is no different. A powerful vampire has issued a devastating ultimatum: find the Word of Kimmler or I’ll destroy Murphy’s life. Seeing no alternative, Harry reluctantly agrees. But, what is the Word of Kimmler, and what does it do?

The search for answers pits Harry against a number of powerful enemy wizards. Necromancers that can summon all manner of ghost and zombies to do their bidding. Harry’s magic skills are not enough this time. He’ll need as many allies as he can muster as he calls on friends mundane and magical to help him. Harry discovers it may not be enough, because the Word of Kimmler isn’t just an arcane spell. It’s a secret that could give the possessor near infinite power.

Jim Butcher immerses us deep into Harry’s wizarding world once again. The usual cast of friends and allies are here, plus a few more. So many, that I was left wondering if Jim Butcher was trying to shoehorn in as many as possible. It doesn’t detract from the story, though. Be prepared for another action packed adventure in the gritty magic and monster filled world of the Dresden Files.

#bookreview #fantasy #urbanfantasy #jimbutcher


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