Vampires, it had to be Vampires

Harry Dresden is back and taking on the most important cases to save humanity. His latest case? Saving a bunch of puppies from demons. Okay, so you take what you can get sometimes, as long as it pays. Fortunately, it leads into another case. A White Court vampire that has helped Harry out a few times wants a favor. Protect a friend. Setting aside that vampires and wizards are supposed to be at war, Harry takes the case. After all, he’s not a fan of the council of wizards anyway.

Oh and this friend, he’s an adult film producer. Wait, what? But when starlets start dying and nasty spells are the cause, Harry adjusts his pants and dives right in. Our fearless wizard comes up with no shortage of suspects, from vapid actresses, vindictive ex-wives, to, oh yeah, more vampires. It will take all of Harry’s skills to find the culprit. Even worse, The vampire friend is hiding something from him. A secret that will shake the Harry’s world to the core. Non-stop danger from the moment the director cries ‘action’.

Jim Butcher builds on his already rich world with this latest installment. Wizardry and wonton destruction abound. I especially liked this novel, because it introduces two new characters that become formidable allies in later books. The gritty world of the Dresden Files continues to engross urban fantasy readers as the monsters and wizards do battle in modern day Chicago.

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