Skyfish are Real

Jason has had it rough. His mom has disappeared. His dad has given up on finder her and they are moving away from all of his friends. Things can’t get much worse. Unless, of course you count losing your mind. Jason has started seeing things, and those things can see him too.

Jason discovers a whole world hidden from most of humanity. A world filled with incredible and dangerous creature. Beings that wield such power, that a mere touch could incinerate the unwary. It will be up to Jason, his new friend, and a crazy black sheep uncle to unravel the mystery. Who is trying to destroy the barrier between worlds, and what does it have to do with his missing mother?

Wendy Terrien weaves a tale of discovery. A young boy learning what it means to trust himself and others. Life gives you challenges. Jason’s journey will teach him that what you do with those challenges determines who you are. A great story for readers of all ages.

#bookreview #fantasy #urbanfantasy #youngadult #wendyterrien


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