Magic is Real

Magic is real, but only a few people have any talent for it. Quentin Coldwater is one of them. When he receives an invitation to study at a University he’s never heard of, he’s skeptical. Magic? Who believes in magic? On the other hand, he’s been reading fantasy books about Fillory for his whole childhood. What if it’s real?

Quentin embarks on a journey of discovery, and not just about magic. He’ll learn about love, relationships, corruption, and power. He’ll learn that there is a dark secret about his childhood fantasy world. Worse, the secret knows about him, and wants him dead. He’ll have to learn everything he can about magic if he is to survive.

I’d watched the first season of the series, The Magicians, prior to picking up the first book. I found the world as rich and intricate as the one depicted on screen. In the series, I found Quentin’s character to be a bit sad and depressed. A difficult main character to identify with. I had hoped that like many television and movies based on books, the written word would be better. Sadly, this is not the case. Quentin of the book is just as just as depressing as Quentin of the screen. Likewise, I found myself identifying more with the supporting characters than the main character. Still, the vivid magical world and engaging supporting cast kept me interested. As expected, much of the story is different between the two mediums. You can expect a few surprises, if you enjoy one before the other.

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