For those that have read my novel, know that I am all about the pirates. In the continuing story of Liam Hoffen and his band of Loose Nuts our heroes come face to face with a new threat. With the threat of pirates  resolved in the Sol system, Liam is looking for a new challenge. He finds himself joining his mother and father in the Tipperary System. While they start a new mining colony, Loose Nuts plans to haul ore for fun and profit. Trouble starts right away as self styled buccaneers try to push Liam and his friends to turn over their hard earned credits for ‘protection’.  A costly mistake on their part. Corrupt governments and even more corrupt corporate lackeys lead the crew of the Hotspur on an adrenaline filled adventure.

A thrilling new adventure for our favorite privateers. Jamie delivers everything we have come to expect from him: well developed characters, engaging plot, and non-stop action. A fun read for all sci-fi fans.



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