Let’s hear it for Hank

Let’s hear it for Hank
Hank is hired muscle. He’s the guy everyone turns to when they have a problem. Why? Because he’s indestructible. Yeah, getting shot hurts, but it’ll heal. In a space station full of criminals, work isn’t in short supply. His life was pretty simple, until a mysterious blue girl walked into it. Now, Hank is at the center of a galaxy wide catastrophe. It’ll take all of Hanks street smarts to get out of this one. Failure means being tossed out an airlock, and Hank isn’t sure he’d come back from that.
Steven Campbell writes gritty sci-fi noir with a comedic flare. He does a great job writing about a street smart every man who only wants to be left alone to eat his sandwich. Just because you can heal from any damage, doesn’t mean you can’t be hurt. A fun read.
#bookreview #scifi #stevencampbell #thleatherman #spaceopera

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