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Mark isn’t afraid to fight for what he believes in, but three years under siege from an alien fleet is enough to wear anyone down.

Until the aliens break through, and all hell breaks loose. With the planet shield destroyed and alien shock troops landing by the thousands, Mark has no choice but the run for his life. But he won’t leave without his family. He saves his sister, but his father, an influential senator, is taken. Mark is forced to bargain with the only ride off planet he can find: gun runners.

Escape is only the beginning. As Mark travels with the smugglers delivering weapons and medical supplies to war torn systems across the galaxy, the aliens keep showing up looking for him. What makes him so important that they’ll scour the stars to find him? And who aboard their ship is feeding information to the alien menace?

It’s a race across the galaxy with an evil empire hot on Mark’s heels. Will he discover their secret before he’s captured and faces a fate worse than death: becoming a brainwashed thrall of their twisted religion.


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