Let it snow!

Let it Snow

In case you haven’t heard, we had a blizzard here in Colorado. At my house we received just over two feet of snow. I’ve posted a few pics and vids of my dogs playing in it on social media. One advantage of being snowed in is that I’ve had plenty of time to write. Fairy Farts is chugging along and my critique group is rolling on the floor laughing and demanding more chapters.

In D&D news, I’ve got four D&D session going; three where I’m the DM and one where I’m a player. Most of it is on Fantasy Grounds (I’m a big fan), but I am running one in person game with my family. I’ve also discovered that I’m not in the last round for vaccines because I’m over 50. In the state of Colorado that puts me ahead of most of the population by the tiniest degree. I’ll take it. If I can get vaccinated and take a trip to visit my parents, I’m all over that.

I’ll also be a judge in an upcoming literary competition, so I’ll be reading a few more books. For those that don’t know, I’m a voracious reader. I plow through about a book or two a week. More if I get three chapters in and the story goes stale (Yeet. Next.).

In the meantime, I’ll be digging myself out and writing more words. See you next week!


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